“Robot Action Team Saves the World!”   Could that be a movie title or for real? Are there times (drought, fires, deforestation, climate change, lack of housing) when people need “robot scale” rescues?

William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk) recently suggested that people ‘do something’ about the drought in the US.   Make it so and be part of the “Robot Action Team” that uses great people and our best technology to solve problems. Our team has these roles:

Role Description
Learn Learn to program and build robots.
Command Create robot work orders and watch them go…
Tend Someone needs to deliver robots to the work sites and care for them.
Watch Some people just want to watch the action!


We are eager to create ‘robot-scale’ rescues and to work on projects like this:

Thank you for your interest in the RobotActionTeam!

“Rise of the Robots” is a great book that makes us wonder;  will robots take away our jobs or give us many new greater jobs?